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SEDAN up to 4 guests
MINIVAN up to 8 guests

INSIDE ROME (standard or thematic sightseeings)

SEDAN € 50/h

MINIVAN € 60/h
Prices include all industry fee & taxes
Visa and AM. EX. Cards are welcome; 10% OFF for CASH payments

1. Absolute Beginner (4 hours):
mix of various sites including ruins, fountains, churches, beautiful squares and some interesting surprises (walk in the place where Julius Cesar was murdered).

2. Prestige (6 hours):
it is the extension of # 1. Here some locations are visited in depth and in addition St. Clemens basilica is highly recommended.

3. Rome by night (3 hours):
a very romantic and unique discovery of Rome, without traffic and seen with special lighting effects.

4. Rome by obelisks and fountains (4 hours):
a charming itinerary along these decorative elements could be an alternative way of discovering the uniqueness of the Eternal City.

5. Underground Rome (5 hours):
its title could be “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”. It is an exciting experience where you can “touch with your eyes” the meaning of the word HISTORY.

6. You Tell me Where (4/8 hours):
custom tour where my pleasure is to integrate your site list with my personal suggestions to make your sightseeing an absolutely splendid event.


SEDAN € 60/h

MINIVAN € 70/h
Prices include all industry fee & taxes
and AM. EX. Cards are welcome; 10% OFF for CASH payments

1. TIVOLI & CASTELLI ROMANI (5 to 8 hours):
a very pleasant trip to the discovery of the famous Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este with its gardens, both located in Tivoli, 30 minutes East of Rome. The visit may be extended towards the medieval towns in the Castelli Romani area where you may also visit CASTELGANDOLFO (the Pope's summer residence), FRASCATI (Villa Torlonia and Villa Aldobrandini), ARICCIA (Palazzo Farnese) and GROTTAFERRATA (St. Nile's Abbey). The excursion may be completed by a lunch in a local trattoria, being this area famous for quality food and wine.

2. OSTIA ANTICA (6 hours):
30 minutes South of Rome you can visit the ruins of a satellite town of Rome famous for its port founded in the IV century b.c.. The most important trade harbor of the ancient times promoted the growth of Ostia who reached the incredible population of 100,000 inhabitants during the maximum splendor of the Roman Empire.

30 minutes North of Rome there is the most important town of this mysterious population of uncertain origin; the only certain information we have is about their economical, social and military leadership in the central regions of Italy 600 years before the foundation of Rome !!! Visiting the necropolis (necros=dead; polis=town) you can learn about uses and customs of the Etruscan people, deduced by the extreme importance they gave to life after-death.


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